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Not sure how many people actually do Gov and Pol on this site, but oh well xD

just wanted to know if anyone has any good sites for revision, or basically any help.

Im doing edexcel and trying to remember everything is really hard!

Thank yas :) 

Posted: 02-04-11 16:16 by <classified>

Yeh, i do Politics. =D. I have not had the chance to revise for it properly though. I'm finding unit 2 easier than unit 1. Wbu? I think I am with AQA exam board.

Posted: 08-04-11 15:59 by Salma

yeah, exactly the same! unit two i get really good marks but in unit one not so much. Even though they are different exam boards, i think we learn all the same things... but we only have to learn 8 topics x_x

Elections is the worst topic and democracy is the easiest 

Posted: 08-04-11 17:55 by <classified>

same here, Im with Edexcel and doing Gov n Pol!!...Favourite subject ever!

Posted: 08-04-11 20:56 by Miski

What do you find easy and what dyu guys find hard. i think democracy and the political parties is easier to get a grasp on. With Elections, we havent learnt much. =S.

when are your exams?

Mines is on the 23rd May.. getting close.

Posted: 08-04-11 22:20 by Salma

my favourite topic has to be the constitution,pressure groups,electoral system...

errmm i dont find any particularly 'hard' just haven't dne enough work on it for example judiciary

my exams onthe 23rd tooooo!!

Posted: 08-04-11 23:38 by Miski

One of mine is in June, after the half term. 

Thank you, oh timetable-maker! 

But then not thank you for making all my other exams on the same days o_O

At Least Unit one and unit two are worth 50% each so we have no excuses for failing the second test

Posted: 11-04-11 08:41 by <classified>

jst wanna know if u guys r goona revise all 4 topics in each unit or r  doing only 2. coz i do history and there's 4 topics in each n i know its gonna be had to grasp each and every topic so well. thanx

Posted: 13-04-11 19:24 by elshie

haha yh i do history as well, the BIGGEST mistake of my a-level choices, after geography.

Basically our school made us learn all the topics, but we only went over pressure groups in three days, so i don't really suppose that counts =D

Im learning three topics, so that if one has a hard question at least you have the other to go on. democracy is the easiest chapter... learn tht 4 shure  

Posted: 14-04-11 20:50 by <classified>

tutor2 u is quite a useful website if that helps!

Posted: 17-04-11 10:55 by henna

henna wrote:

tutor2 u is quite a useful website if that helps!

brilliant. If only i found this earlier... 


Posted: 17-04-11 15:06 by <classified>