Got mocks for English lit, history and sociology please help

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Any tips or tricks on how to get through these mocks safely and get a good grade????

Posted: 28-11-12 19:37 by sharaan

tricks? not sure about that

just revise by making some q cards, revision notes, quizes, flashcards/do some practise questions in timed conditions/take your mock VERY seriously/ 

good luck ^_^

Posted: 28-11-12 21:46 by Ruby


Posted: 29-11-12 14:23 by sharaan

i think the best thing to do is to practice using past papers, if you understand the theory then you can get more marks by understanding how to answer the question well, this comes with practice.

Posted: 29-11-12 14:28 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR