Good ways to revise G541 and G542?

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Ive been having trouble on revising for Psychology and making it stick in my brain. Any suggestions on ways to remember for both psychology exams? 


Posted Sun 5th May, 2013 @ 19:29 by Amara Hameed

1 Answer

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For G542 The OCR revision books by Molly Marshall have been useful but I find it depends what I'm revising. If its stats and data I use revision cards but if its knowledge and method I find it useful to make power points and create my own exam style short answer questions.

For G541 why not design your own research (e.g. Do people look in shop window reflections at themselves when passing by, does short exercise increase relaxation and does eating chocolate or cheese increase happiness) a lot of the results can be predicted but the main part is EVALUATE your method and design (ecological validity, research validity, genralisability, design, method etc...) It's long winded and sometimes makes you feel stupid but hands on experience will stick in your brain.

Answered Tue 7th May, 2013 @ 22:49 by Tom