Good luck to everyone!!!

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hey guys just wanted to let you all know....revise hard for all your subjects hope you do well..and good luck!!!

And yeah i know i am late but hows is your holiday going hope you guys having fun at the same time as revising!!

Anyway bye

Posted: 10-04-10 20:37 by Tania

Hey, thanks! I havent started revising yet, been enoying my holidays XD but i am planning ot start tomorrow. i know thats really late, hopefully i will still do well. How are you doing with revising? And happy easter! a bit alte bu hey :D

Posted: 11-04-10 15:09 by I P B

My revision is going okay i guess but i am getting fed up of reivsing...and hliday is busy as always cousin over and palces to go and stay...and dw you aint late i know some people who haven't even start any of their hmk or reivsion haha anyway enjoy the rest of the holiday have fun !!!

Posted: 11-04-10 15:11 by Tania

i really need to work XD

Posted: 14-04-10 20:33 by I P B