Good Luck!

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Good luck everyone for the biology exam! :D

Any tips/advice?

This is my one:

dont leave anything blank XD sounds obvious but so easy to do

Posted: 12-01-10 17:20 by I P B

Wow, Thursday seems soo close - just 1 1/2 days of revision left =O

My tip is -

Write as many points as the marks given - (like if its a 3 mark question, then give three points) - kinda obvious asl lol

Good luck **

Posted: 12-01-10 17:49 by RATM33

cool good tip :D

i havent even got that long to revise, got english cw to do for tomorrow and also geog cw :(

you tke geography by any chance? :D

Posted: 12-01-10 17:52 by I P B

no sorry, my geography career ended in y9, my teacher was a physco lol

but i can sympathise with you, i have to prepare something for my English speaking and listening for tomorrow, but i managed to persuade my teacher to let me hand in my cw for fri.

Posted: 12-01-10 18:07 by RATM33

aaaaw lucky

i cant :( so im kinda stuck XD

Posted: 12-01-10 19:40 by I P B

awwww, that is really not fair on you, teachers shouldnt be able to do that =(

omg biology is TOMORROW!

so scared...

best of luck, hope you get an A*


Posted: 13-01-10 17:21 by RATM33

Good luck to you too!!!!

Hope you get A********* XD

you definitely deserve it

Posted: 13-01-10 17:26 by I P B

awww thanks =), i sure hope i get one after my performance today...

I'm sure you'll get an A*, afterall. you did put a hell of a lot of effort into revision =)

Posted: 14-01-10 19:25 by RATM33

aaaaw thanks but i dont think i will, i found ti really hard :( but you will do amazing

lets cross our fingers :D

Posted: 14-01-10 19:51 by I P B