girl needs help!

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so i've chosen maths, physics, bio and pschycology for AS... am i crazy? I want to go into aeronautical engineering, but my back up is like pyschology... thinkin of changin bio to economics


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Posted: 22-05-11 18:44 by Shannon D

You're not crazy, I've chosen further maths, chemistry, physics, biology. Just be confiden in what you can do.

Posted: 23-05-11 15:40 by Sarah

ahaha lol, okayy but do u rekon i shud switch bio to economics cuz bio is solid apparently :/

Posted: 23-05-11 17:07 by Shannon D

Its great!! Do what you want to do and dont listen if you get told you're mad!! I'm taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and hopefully German as well and I get told I'm mad all the time- but it's the stuff I enjoy! NEver let anyone tell you that you're mad if its the subjects you enjoy!!

Oh yeah and aeronautical engineering sounds pretty cooll!! I want to do Maths and Physics teaching!! :-)

Posted: 24-05-11 18:46 by Hannah

Stick to what you know can get secure you a good future job. If economics is what you want to do then it is your choice!

Posted: 25-05-11 17:45 by Veena

thnxs guys, but im at the stage where i literally jus need someone to tell me what to do... this is too hard, LOL sounds pathetic i know :LLL

Posted: 25-05-11 21:05 by Shannon D

I would say to keep biology, your options at the moment really complement each other... but at the end of the day it's up to you... what would YOU ENJOY doing??? Good luck with the decision ***

Posted: 26-05-11 10:20 by Rebecca

okayy ima stick with wat i got atm... i think :L LOL, cheers for the help guys :)

Posted: 26-05-11 12:38 by Shannon D