Getting into Uni??

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I need to go to Manchester Uni.. And take Zoology..

It says I need..

A level: Grades AAA-ABB.

  • You must have a grade A in one of - Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths.
  • Your subjects should include 2 `hard sciences' -  Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths.
  • If your grades are AAB or higher we will accept Geography, Psychology, Environmental Studies or PE in place of one of the hard sciences.
  • General Studies is welcomed, but is not normally included as part of the offer.

At the college I'm at I dont get the oppurtunity to take chemistry or physics and I cant do math. but i DO take biology..

I also take Psychology and Geography..

Is that enough? What else do I need?

Thankyou ***

Posted Mon 27th February, 2012 @ 13:52 by Rayanne :)

2 Answers

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Yeah, that is enough in theory. You have Biology, which assuming you get an A is right. Then if you are predicted or achieve atleast one more A in either Psychology or Geography then the criteria is being met. That's how I interpreted it anyway!


Answered Mon 27th February, 2012 @ 15:26 by Courtney
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As long as you get AAB or better, you should be fine :)

So basically,

Biology- A

Geography- A/B

Psychology- A/B

should be enough :)

Good Luck!:D

Answered Mon 27th February, 2012 @ 16:43 by Kayleigh Nicholson