Get Revising Exam Discussion Rules: Please Read Before Posting!

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Hi everyone,

 I’m Emma – one of the site admins here at Get Revising.

This post is to let you all know about the Get Revising exam discussion rules that will be in place from Monday 7th May 2012 until the end of the exam season.

Edexcel, CIE, STEP and IB exams are taken all over the world. This means that people in one country might have finished an exam that hasn't even started somewhere else. In order to make the exams as fair as possible we will endeavour to close and remove threads on Edexcel, CIE, STEP and IB exams until sufficient time has passed for everyone to sit the exam.


This means no discussion AT ALL – not even "I found it hard/easy”


This is because there is a very blurred line between "I found it hard" and "I found question 2 hard" and "I found question 2 about <insert subject> hard because <insert reason>”.

What starts as innocent discussion can turn into disclosures of exam content. You have all worked incredibly hard for these exams and it would be unfair to give all of your correct answers away to someone who is yet to sit the exam elsewhere in the world. Anyone found to be discussing their exams before the deadline has passed may be banned from Get Revising.


The rules set by the exam boards are as follows:

·         For Edexcel: morning exams may not be discussed until 12:00 midnight (UK time) and afternoon exams until 4:30 AM (UK time).

·         For STEP/CIE/IB: allow 24 hours to pass from the end of each exam before any discussion.

·         Oral exams: No discussion until the end of the exams season, from 28 June 2012.

·         Applied ICT exams: No discussion is permitted throughout the five day window for each exam.

These rules do not apply to exams set by the examination boards AQA, OCR, CCEA, SQA and WJEC (other than orals). If you have taken an exam by one of these boards you are fine to talk about straight after the exams because these exams are only sat by students in the UK.

If you see anyone else discussing restricted exam content before the 24 hour ban has been lifted please do report the post to the admin team. You can do this by clicking on the button that says "report misuse" at the top of your screen. This will help us ensure we get content removed as quickly as possible. Students sitting exams should do so in the same conditions - it isn't fair for someone in a different time zone to know all of the questions before they start it if this isn't supposed to be part of the exam!

Good luck!! :) 

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