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So here are my thoughts. If Get revising were to produce an app that downloads all of your resources onto your device, this app can test you on your material and be used to reise from. To make this app viable there would need to be a charge to download i imagin as it would be exspensive to produce and integrate with the servers, so a small charge of say 1£ I think would be vcery fair and probably make some profit for get revising to invest in futher improvements, what do others think of this idea?

Posted: 08-10-13 15:21 by ryanvg

I love this idea. We need this app so we can take our revision everywhere we go. I would also love it if we could make resorces on this app too. Is something like this possible?

Posted: 02-03-14 09:34 by Jenna k

Do it!!!!

Posted: 15-09-14 12:36 by EllieEdsor