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does anyone know the best way to revise for a german speaking exam?

Posted: 24-12-10 15:03 by Rachel

I's really difficult. I guess say as much as you can during your conversation classes... I always make the mistake of sitting back and letting other people answer before me. Maybe arrange to meet up with other people in your class at some other time as well and you could ask each other questions?

To answer your question- I've no idea what the best way is but I've just given you what I'm thinking of doing!

Posted: 24-12-10 15:47 by H

Thank you !! :)

thats helped me a lot. I think i should come up with questions to do with the topic i'm studying and then come up with answers i could learn for the exam.

Posted: 24-12-10 16:01 by Rachel

Cool :) sounds like a good idea! What are you planning on talking about for the exam? (Just out of interest!)

Posted: 27-12-10 16:21 by H

we have to do something along the lines of work experience and part time jobs. how about you? :)

Posted: 28-12-10 20:33 by Rachel

Ok cool...that could be pretty interesting :) We're allowed to pick any topic under the sun, as long as it's on the A-Level syllabus so I'm hoping to do mine about Germany in the Second World War :/ I need to get a move on mock is in Feb!!

Posted: 29-12-10 12:20 by H

I don't personally study German, but I study French. I find that when it comes to revising a language, the best thing to do (I understand everybody is different) is to just continuously condense all the notes you have made, until your left with a selection of words for the entire speech. When you are only left with a handful of words, continue to cancel them out till you no longer rely on prompts. Then focus on your accent and the way in which you deliver your speech! :)

Posted: 29-12-10 12:35 by Emma Brookes

yeah thats what i try to do. i think nerves are my biggest weakness in speaking exams. and thank you :)

Posted: 29-12-10 17:45 by Rachel

Your very welcome :) If you need any help, just message me!

Best of luck


Posted: 29-12-10 22:33 by Emma Brookes

thanks again and same to you :)

Posted: 30-12-10 17:55 by Rachel