Geography HELP! URGENT!

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I joined a new school in year 11 and chose to carry on with Geography but found out that it was a different spec even though it was the same exam and so I basically have 4 weeks to learn the whole course How should I do it?!

Posted: 09-05-13 21:32 by Tulsi Patel

Nothing to do but work like hell. Isolate yourself for 4 weeks and use revision guides at a point of information.

Studies suggest its best to change your focus every half hour(ish) to keep your concentration up and be more productive. So an example is start with doing revision cards then after half an hour begin doing a mind map, re-read the revision cards and then test yourself.

Many students have a habit (me included) to revise stuff you already know or feel comfortable with as you feel better after but essentially that's pointless. Focus on the topics you really don't know at all and work on them, it's stressful and boring but it needs to be done.

Also students think revision is sitting down and reading notes, websites and revision guides repeatedly; this is pointless as studies show you only remember a fraction of what you read. the most effective thing is to revise something in an interesting or diffrent way and then test yourself then revise again.

Posted: 10-05-13 20:03 by Tom