General Studies Revision

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Any ideas on how to revise for General Studies AS? Especially cultural and social domains?

Posted: 09-05-11 11:10 by Beth Haworth

You could go over past exam papers on that specific topic on the AQA website and have a go at that and to look/refer back to what examiners are looking for.

Posted: 09-05-11 19:49 by Manny Kooner

If you have good general knowladge and updated knowladge of generall affairs and issues you should be ok fo rthe cultural paper. you can get ths by keeping updated on news and via newspa(not rags but higher quality newspapers) also in this paper it is important to know both sides of the argumentand be able to construct a valid and reasoned argument.

Posted: 07-03-12 10:21 by Jessica Gunn

i didnt revise this at all!! and i got an A, two marks from full marks. nothing that we had studies in class turned up on the exam, literally NOTHING!!! so if i was you i wouldnt even bother reading your notes, spend extra time revising for your other exams :)

Posted: 13-04-12 10:48 by Gabby Tracey

Past papers and reading the news - anything can come up so it's hard to revise for:/

just remember to PEEL - Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link(to question)

Posted: 12-09-12 21:34 by Alex