General Studies exam 22nd May 2012 unit 2

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How did everyone feel about that exam??

Posted: 22-05-12 11:23 by De-Anna

I think I've done so badly. I guessed a majority of the multiple questions and wrote very little for the question about art. i'm hoping i done alright on the last question about the Olympics as i wrote like 3-4 pages discussing the positive and negative impacts its having on the social and economic side of things.

How did you find it?

Posted: 22-05-12 20:03 by Chloe

I felt i did alright, well this subject was added to our timetable about 10-12 weeks ago so we haven't had long to learn it.

I thought i did better on the olympics one than the arts, but then my mum was telling me other things that i could of put like, how train and tube stations are going to cope and how the residents of britian will feel.
The arts one i didn't put much simply because i didn't know what to put and i will running out of time. I put stuff about the different types of arts and that a little about the statement but i ran out of time before i could put a conclusion.

I thought mulitple choice was alright and i really liked the 9 mark question on lowering the voting age to 16.

Posted: 23-05-12 09:19 by De-Anna