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I have a general studies exam in January but don't go to any of the lessons. The exam is with OCR and lasts 1 hour. It is the science and maths paper. I has a section A and and B, both worth 30 marks. Section A is multiple questions and section B is an essay. How should I split my time etc?

Posted: 30-12-12 17:18 by Hannah

say, about 40% of time on questions, 60% time on essay. it does depend on the mark allocation for each section. Good luck!

Posted: 03-01-13 18:45 by Re-Re

OK! Hoping I can get a good grade as I am doing biology, chemistry, maths and music!

Posted: 04-01-13 16:30 by Hannah

just be really careful... because my head of science was telling me because the 'crit thinking' thinking style is COMPLETELY DIFFFERENT from the 'Scientific' thinking approach, so don't mix up the two in the science exams and in the crit. thinking exam. Critical thinking is more 'reason, argument indicator, conclusin, etc.' whereas science is more 'Set Principles that exist, right or wrong, no middle ground'.  :D

Posted: 04-01-13 17:36 by Re-Re