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i know what i have to do and what i want to write but i need advice on how to get the best out of me in the exam i have done mock exams and i dont think ive done as good as i can ive been told not to do exam papers because we have had a new exam

also a word bank of sophisticated vocab would be nice ;)

Posted: 08-04-11 15:20 by loz

Erm... Why don't you try bullet pointing your main ideas in rank order, placing where you would put an introduction summary/conclusion etc and then when your doing a test paper or something that is timed you use your bullets to fire your best ideas making sure you get in the most important one with as much detail as possible. Or just keep trying past papers with loads of notes lol 

Hope that helps :D

Posted: 14-04-11 22:12 by Zoeeee

I would guess you are taking your exams in 2012 rather than 2011 - the school do have specimen exams for the new course  but you and I can't access them.

I think the advice given is sound - but English isn't my subject.

Posted: 26-04-11 23:48 by Lynne


Posted: 27-04-11 11:51 by SARAH

I am trying to be HELPFUL.

I made the comment because as a teacher I am aware of the new examination requirements in the subject (my subject has similar restrictions) and of the walled garden surrounding resources within different subjects (English, Maths and IT).  Those taking examinations in 2011 are either Year 11 who fall under the old system or Year 10 who (generally) fall into the new system.

Those who are undertaking new examinations are faced with different challenges to those who take their exams this year.  I had expected comments supportive of contributors to be welcomed rather than derided.

Posted: 27-04-11 12:07 by Lynne