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hi i have my gcses in about 14 weeks but im not sure when i should start revising and even if i should start now i cant motivate myself to actually do anything and i get distracted very easily by tv shows and youtube etc...

any tips on how i can overcome this?

Posted: 04-02-13 19:05 by Saima

Personally, I would strongly advise you start revision AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!

Early revision will not hurt you and andhas been proven to be more effective in small chunks over a long period of time rather that rushed a week or tow before the exams.

If you are easily distracted, I'm afraid it is all really down to your own willpower. Try and do revision away from computers, phones, iPods etc. and use the traditional textbook method to ensure minimal distractions.

If you need music/podcasts if you are auditory learner, listen to music without lyrics as thats distracting!

Use cartoons and pictures if you're visual learner like me.

Use revision activities like matching cards if you are more of a kinesthetic learner.

Just take your revision in small chunks, maybe like half an hour slots with a 5 minute break. More goes in your brain in that time that just sitting down for 2 hours. It's quality not quantity :)

Make notes and keep testing yourself through past papers, quizzes, worksheets and resources you've made.

My main bit of advice...Keep your revision varied! If you keep it interesting you won't bore yourself into distractions.

What i did was i made a list of six ways to revise, for example

1. Notes

2. podcast

3. past paper

4. flashcards

5. quiz

6. revise with a friend

and just roll a dice and do the activity with the corresponding number!

Hope this is helpful and good luck!!!

Posted: 23-02-13 10:43 by MachoNachoNinja