GCSE Unit 2 Maths Retake! Help needed!

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Hello people,

I am in year 11 and am doing GCSE maths. Last year i took a unit 2 edexcel exam and i got a B, however i am retaking it as i was 1 mark away from an A. I feel like i have forgot everything. I have looked at the unit 2 material on this website and seem to have realised that most of it is based on 'Number'. Could anyone help me with other areas of unit 2 please? Any help would be highly appreciated.

I remember doing something about parallel and perpendicular lines. If anyone could help with that it would be awesome! by the way my exam is on the 6th of November :(

Thankyou ever so much! :)

Posted Sat 29th September, 2012 @ 18:55 by Amy
Edited by Amy on Sat 29th September, 2012 @ 18:56

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HI Amy 

I'm doing GCSE my self and its AQA but not so sure about EDEXCEL. However I'll just list all the things of UNIT 2

Number & Algebra, myin is non calculator

Prime factors


Fractions and decimals


Working with symbols

Graphs of linear functions

Equations and inequalities


Indices and standard form

Real life graphs


Quadratic equations and Algebraic proofs

Simultaneous equations.

If you don't know the things try past papers of EDEXCEL and revise on bbc.co.uk/bitesize. Revise everyday at least 45min, will help you a lot, do the things you don't know mostly until you know it well. 

Good luck with your exam :)

Answered Sun 28th October, 2012 @ 13:47 by Huka