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My name is Emma, I was contemplating creating YouTube videos for revision purposes regarding the different GCSE subjects, and basically I was going to go through each topic in a video as a summary :)

I would be greatly appertained if you could reply to this with a yes or a no and that would give me a insight into how many people would use them and find them useful!

If you say yes, would you please state which subjects you would want me to cover! J

Many Thanks,


Posted: 30-12-10 13:12 by Emma Brookes

Yes. Particularly geography, history and english :) x

Posted: 31-12-10 15:25 by caz

thats a really gud idea 

umm probably science and geography !

thanks x

Posted: 31-12-10 21:59 by Shiny

Especially if you could do a geography one on coasts before the 20th of January! 

Posted: 01-01-11 10:37 by caz

Not sure about the whole situation yet, I'm expiriencing technical difficulties regarding a camera :/ but I'm doing my best to dort thongs out

Posted: 01-01-11 10:56 by Emma Brookes

definitely triple science stuff!! food tech, i.t theory, german ... maybe r.s. good luck with making them!! :)

Posted: 11-01-11 20:17 by Danielle Spring

Great Idea! :D

I think science as there is soooo much to learn. Good luck with your tech difficulties :)

Posted: 15-01-11 19:42 by Rebecca

Yes please, that would be just, amazing!!

Science, Math and Religious ed! :-)

You will be my lifesaver!!x

Posted: 23-01-11 15:27 by laura


maths, english and biology

thanks Aishah ***

Posted: 31-03-11 22:00 by Aliyah Iqbal

UMMM ENGLISH MATHS AND SCIENCE and possibly business studies.

that was a great presentation at school well done


Posted: 11-04-11 12:16 by Ethan

yes pleasse!!! Chemestry Physics Biology (OCR) and Pylosophy and ethics (OCR)

Posted: 15-04-11 18:40 by Megan

Yes!! that would be appreciated,

Posted: 06-05-11 17:00 by poop


Posted: 06-05-11 20:27 by Jessica

Maths and science:) have u made any videos yet??:)

Posted: 06-05-11 20:34 by sophia

RE (AQA),MATHS(OCR) and ENGLISH(AQA) please :)

it would be a really good help for my test in june x 

Posted: 22-05-11 23:11 by stephrance

I need edexcel Maths and edexcel science. Thanks x

Posted: 23-05-11 05:59 by sophia

geography sdme,business studies and english will be useful ocr as soon as possible really,


Posted: 27-05-11 17:02 by bek

YES! That would be really helpful  :) science,history, latin and french would be helpful, and possibly english such as An Inspector Calls 

Posted: 28-05-11 13:10 by Madeleine

Yes History, chemistry, physics anything I can get my hands on!!!! LOL

Posted: 07-06-11 20:26 by Alice Deane

Urm, definitely chemistry :/ not good in that :) x Thanks

Posted: 08-06-11 19:54 by Sara