GCSE subject choices for Yr.10 (HELP) (languages?)

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Hi, i am currently in Yr.9 and choosing GCSE choices for next year. I have to choose a language between Spanish, French and German :L I've never done any of these languages before so which one would be the best for me? any ideas? Thank you :) xxxx

Posted: 22-06-12 21:12 by SciTech

hmmm its quite a dificult question because it all depends which one you prefer and which one you find easy!!

For example i did french in GCSE becauseit is easy for me and i ended up getting full marks (i can speak a bit of frenc h :D ), but the french was easy!! I cant say much about german or spanish because unfortunately i have not done them so i dont want to give false comments but preferably i prefer french because i found it interesting and easy....just try any apply wot i said and shortlist to only two subjects ;D

Posted: 23-06-12 08:06 by Braniac

I did French and German at GCSE, and personally I found German much easier, because quite a bit of it is similar to english, and the tenses are much easier to learn.

As for French, its harder than German but more rewarding. I enjoyed French a lot more than German, but that's mainly cos I like France as a country, so if you like the culture of it you can get really into it.

The people I know who do Spanish say its hard, but most of them also do French, which sounds really similar so they get mixed up quite a lot, but those who do Spanish only say once the difficult learning curve period ends its really fun.

But in the end its down to you.

So I hope this helped and whatever you choose you should have fun with it! :)

Posted: 23-06-12 09:32 by Ed

I am doing both French and German GCSE and I find French easier but that may be because I have learnt it for longer. I also found the actual papers for French easier than German because in the French paper it was mostly like multiple choice or true and false whilst German was a lot more written answers. My friend who did Spanish and French find it confusing because they are quite similar. So if it was me I would pick French but is it your choice in the end!

Hope that helps!

Posted: 23-06-12 11:20 by Dilly

im doing german this year.. nearly finsihed ( oneee more exam)  ermmm I had tha choice between French and German. Choosing German was a gwd thing for me becuase my basica knowledge in french was VERY weak compare to that of German. So yh.. at the start I found it EASY.. buhh slowly it got very difficult and I cudnt really keep up buhh I fink thatt it really does depend on yuee! WHAT YUE PREFER! Andd its all dwn to dedication.. the amunt ov work yue put in I probz wud hav done better in german if i were more comitted :/

Gwd luck choosing -**-

Posted: 23-06-12 12:01 by в

I would recommend spanish, I have done both french and german in the past a bit and i find that spanish is easier and the mosty enjoyable.

Posted: 23-06-12 12:20 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

luna venatrix

 I love geography, i have the best teacher ever.

Posted: 23-06-12 13:07 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Thankyou everyone ! I think looking at this that spanish is probably not the best one and its between german and french. To be honest i thunk i might need to look into both languages abit more... but im still waitin for more suggestions. Thanka

Posted: 23-06-12 14:27 by SciTech

Aww.. welcum DO what ever yueee enjoy! Yurr gonnaa get a WHOLE GCSE owt of it.. soo its loadzz a works so make sure yuee enjoy it!

Posted: 23-06-12 14:58 by в

Hmmm....tbh i think both are going to be quite difficult, though it depends on you. I've done my French GCSE and it was my least preferred...the controlled assesments are VERY long and tedious so uve done both before choose whichever you can write/speak easier. The good news is both german AND french are highly recognised, esp if u something like an A in them so if you choose either its a benifit. If i was to go back in time in a different school I think i'd choose french...german seems to complicated for me personally and a few people ive talked to whove done it, at the end of the day its ur decision , good luck with it!!! :)

Posted: 24-06-12 00:11 by Lamise Hassan

Thanks, I think id choose French .Thankyou very much. Anyone else with any suggestions feel free to add to this. Thanks

Posted: 24-06-12 10:15 by SciTech

Cool! It depends on your taste but I found French really fun. Hopefully they'll change the controlled assessments though, it's a rubbish system.

Posted: 24-06-12 10:42 by Ed

I did Spanish GCSE, and I only started learning Spanish in year 10. I think it's easier that French, but it depends. But I'd advise you to take if the teacher is good in your school. It matters A LOT! I had a really bad teacher for the first year, and only in year 11 they changed her, and we got an amazing one. She basically saved us all from failing. :) I loved Spanish with her, and overall as a language, and I think i'll continue to learn, even though i'm not taking it for A level. :)

In my school, a lot of people took French, and most of them regretted it, saying it's really hard. I never tried it, so i don't know. 

I don't really know what to say about German, cause I've never done it. 

Anyway, I think you should talk to the teachers, or someone from older years, who's done them, they can tell you what it's like. You can also have a look online at the basics for each one, if you like languages, and see, which one you might like the most. Just pick what you enjoy and know that you will work for it, cause for languages you really need to be interested. 

Good luck! :)

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Posted: 24-06-12 17:41 by Natalia

I've studied French and German, but I chose to take French for GCSE because as a language, it sounded more pleasant. German sounds a bit agressive, in my opinion. But then again, German is known as a 'business language'. =P

Posted: 25-06-12 19:38 by Re-Re

I am doing french and german gcse, and i find that the grammar in german is similar to english, and its easy to get great grades, but in french there are a lot less grammar stuff to learn.

i love learning languages nbasiclly, and have also done an urdu gcse. Personally i would choose german, as i have also learnt a lot about interesting german culture.

Best of luck!

Posted: 02-08-12 18:52 by anum

cool, thanks everyone for your suggestions and in the end though , because i havent even learnt the basics of any of these languages , the teachers decided that i didnt have to do them after all! lol, but anyway , thanks alot for all your help guys i really appreciate it!

Posted: 02-08-12 21:33 by SciTech

SciTech wrote:

cool, thanks everyone for your suggestions and in the end though , because i havent even learnt the basics of any of these languages , the teachers decided that i didnt have to do them after all! lol, but anyway , thanks alot for all your help guys i really appreciate it!

hey! so which ones did you choose in the end?

(just curious :)

i hope you do well with whatever you have chosen, and good luck with next year

Posted: 06-08-12 15:05 by anum

oh , hi anum , in the end , like i sed, i didnt have 2 choose any languages and in that time i chose to do some bio and chem work .. thanks anyway

Posted: 07-08-12 22:02 by SciTech

Natalia so agree, you need a good teacher, luckily I had a amazing one.

Posted: 11-08-12 19:51 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR