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Hi my younger brother wanted to know..
what jobs will you get if you do double science, history and art.
Can you list the different kinds of jobs.

Posted: 12-02-13 19:03 by simran

Im probably not really answering your question but, for a lot of jobs the requirements will just say things like 5 A*-C grades in GCSE.

Its more important you choose your a-levels according to what job you want.


Posted: 15-02-13 15:58 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

Well double science, normally if you want to do a science-y job they prefer you to have triple science at gcse. With history that is highly looked at and essay based subjects give you the skills needed for a career such as law. Hope this helped!

Posted: 15-02-13 16:07 by Alice Deane

thankyou for the help. :D

Posted: 17-02-13 18:01 by simran

I guess you could study the history of art!

Posted: 18-02-13 12:43 by Hannah

What gcses you take doesnt really affect your job oppurtunites just make sure you securley pass them! Some gcses you take will affect your A level option for instance if you want to take Art at A level you must of taken art a gcse. But generally dont worry and just choose whatever you'll enjoy! good luck

Posted: 20-02-13 20:52 by Ameenah:)

It's not really about what subjects you do at GCSE it's more about the grades you get. At A-level it matters about the subjects you do

Posted: 23-02-13 19:06 by emrana

i would agree emrana 

Posted: 24-02-13 09:23 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR