GCSE OCR Additional Maths FSMQ !-

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is it true that we are not doing topics and 11 in the june 2013 exam because my teacher seems to think so...

Posted: 16-01-13 16:47 by genius55

Hey! I did the same 2 Hour exam last year, and boy was it hard!

In the end I got a B grade but I was kinda aiming for that. I guess it really depends on the techer because I had to study this in my own free time. We had compulsory lessons every tuesday afterschool!

How are you finding it?

Posted: 17-01-13 12:25 by Anjali Y

Hiii i'm finding it quite hard and were learning it during normal school lessons because im in top set maths and also well done on getting a B thats sooo good, hopefully i'll be able to get that!!

and thanks for replying :)

Posted: 28-01-13 20:00 by genius55