GCSE History American West?

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here is my timeline of the american west period, it includes 9 pages of events and significant dates and acts
It talks about the date, what happened, the significance and the effects each date had
IT got me an A and the only thing that stopped me getting an A* was my coursework


Hope it helps :)
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Posted: 14-05-11 16:07 by Alex

there are mnay important chaptrs in the american west, the begining of how calm the plains indians were, depending on the buffalo, to american govermnet wiping there culutre out and killing buffalo for a sport, remmber this was all known as MANIFEST DESTINY.

reivise about plains indians lifesyle and culutre, problems, women role,


mountain men

gold rush

great migration

battles nad wars


beef bonaza

cattle trails

transcontanl railroads

pony express



and much more hope this helped x

Posted: 24-05-11 21:02 by meg