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Hi everyone!

Have you been given the pre release sheet yet for the Summer 2010 exam?

If your on the AQA board too then you will know its on fish and chilling/freezing food.

Comments on the topic... good or bad?

What grade did you get in your Food mock?


Posted: 14-03-10 18:57 by Victoria

We got the prep sheet, but have so far only had about 2 maybe 3 lessons on the exam stuff D: and study leave is only a month(ish) away!! thank god my food tech exam is my last one, will have to research a bit myself!! :P ah well...might just..guess :) And I guess it's an ok topic, could be worse...!! :)

Posted: 08-04-10 19:56 by Jenny

Yeah we haven't had many lessons on the exam stuff yet, but we don't get study leave really until quite far into our exams :/ Our teacher did make a really good powerpoint though with lots of info, but with so many other subjects and food being my last exam, I haven't really done much! I'm soooo pleased the coursework is 60% though!

Posted: 09-04-10 20:30 by Victoria

What have all your guys been told to revise then? My teacher hasn't really said much about it & the topic seems abotu open. I could really do with some tips if you have anyway? Like the ways to cook fish or preserving fish - things like that, thanks :)

Posted: 12-04-10 19:50 by Laura

I am hoping to do some revision cards/notes on here soon so I will let you know when they're up and published and they'll contain all the info my class have been given so far! Hope it helps!

Posted: 13-04-10 19:17 by Victoria

Thanks Victoria, that would help alot. :)

Posted: 13-04-10 21:46 by Laura

I have put the notes up on Get Revising http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/food_technology_gcse_aqa_2010 (Hopefully the link works!)

This is basically pretty much most the information, or the most important info, that the teacher gave us. She did it in powerpoint form but since I could not upload them I copied the notes on here. It is quite long, so may get a bit boring to read since fish isn't exactly interesting!

I would recommend printing it and highlighting key info and then maybe making revision cards or something from it. At school we have been going through the powerpoint of these notes our teacher made and highlighting them. We have then made different mind maps on the different topics, like Classification of fish, by drawing a fish in the middle then using different colours and branches on the map.

We were also told to think about the design question a lot before the exam as it is 40 marks. So we have been given different worksheets and stuff on developing fish products such as fish cakes could be made into a fish or starfish shape for children or vegetables could be added with a wholemeal breadcrumb coating for a healthy option.

As fish has recently become a big environmental issue we were also told to research this and I found this is a really good website to explore:


This is also quite helpful for general info: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/get_cooking/cooks_guide/fish.shtml

Also, it is probably quite unlikely, but if you have a Nintendo DS and have the 'Cooking Guide' game this has videos which shows preparing, gutting and cleaning fish, but you can probably find similar videos online, a bit gross but may come in handy in the exam!

I really hope this helps! I know all teachers aren't great at preparing for exams, it has actually been a teacher from a different DT class in my year which has given us all this information, not my actual class teacher, so she was really good to give it to other classes as well as her own too.

Let me know how it goes and if there's any other info you need that I might have! :)

Posted: 14-04-10 17:04 by Victoria