GCSE final exams?

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i have taken the first two exams for my gcse geography (tectonics/coast and then about primary, secondary, tertiary industry ect) and i have complated the controlled assesment. Can anyone tell me what the final exam is about? i know i have to do some on like map skills and stuff but is there anything else you can tell me?

Posted: 23-03-11 19:47 by claudia

Well, we're doing about tourism, immagration, glaciation, volcanos (I guess thats tectonics) and rivers! It may be different in different schools but i dont know! ask your teacher I'm sure they'll tell you! Good Luck!!! x

Posted: 24-03-11 23:31 by Charlotte

it depends on your board. Don't you have a text book? Or a sheet your teacher gave you?

I do AQA. I have four modules, one is controlled assessment, one is urbanization (which i have already sat), one is Tourism and one is Natural Hazards. 

The modules are decided by your teacher so there is an option of;

  • the coastal environment
  • The challenge of extreme environments
  • The globalization of industry

The only topic that i know that does map stuff is tourism, but again as i said, it depends on the board you're with. Good luck ! **

Posted: 03-05-11 17:49 by amzyy

I have my GCSE paper from last year in front  of me.
I was with AQA

for paper 1 would do 1. question on Skills which is maps etc
Then you would have the choice of 3 between Tectonics, Rocks & Landscapes, Rivers, Glaciers, Coasts, Weather & climate and finally ecosystems

For paper 2. you had a choice of 6 questions and you had to answer 3
Choice 1.population or Settlement
Choice 2. Agriculture or Industry
choice 3. Managing resources or Development

If you know you are with a different board best to go onto their website and look at past papers and the specification paper to see what will come up, i would practise these papers then mark them yourself using the mark scheme as they really help with your technique

Posted: 11-05-11 20:49 by Alex

I think it's rivers and population which you have to do :)

I've done the other topics too, so hope this is right!!!!! :P Have you got books you can look through to see what topics youve done?? Ask friends???

Posted: 14-05-11 15:07 by Emma

you get a choice on which questions you do dependent on what topics you have been taught, don't get worried if you see a topic you haven't been taught, simpy skip through and find the ones you have done

Read the candidate instruction on the front as they will tell you exactly what, and howmany questions you need to do

Oh and if you need case studies i have uploaded lots which are useful for GCSE and AS :)

Posted: 14-05-11 15:10 by Alex

Thats true :D

Posted: 14-05-11 15:12 by Emma

Im doing Edexcel geography and the units im doing are

Unit 1 - challanges for the planet like global warming..;etc

Unit 1 - Skills - map work, ict etc

Unit 2 - Glaciation

Unit 2 - Wasteful world

Unit 3 - HUman Environment - Pupultion + tourism

Unit 4 - Coursework

Posted: 14-05-11 16:36 by Georgina