GCSE Chemistry C3

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Hey, we've got our exam in about 2 weeks and we're halfway through C3 and we've suddenly stopped to do P3. While I'm learning P3, i'll need to simultaneously learn C3 and I was just wondering if you guys had any good links that had the whole of C3's content - that I can print off.

Thanks in advance guys :]

Posted: 04-05-11 15:02 by Paxo

this won't be exactly helpful but there is a link somewhere (my friend found them on here and emailed me them) but it's a 14 page document that explains everything!

sorry I can't help anymore:)

Posted: 04-05-11 21:19 by Kelly:)

in fact, type chemistry unit 3 notes into the search section and a document which is 55 pages will come up with everything from the AQA syllabus for units 1 - 3 :)

hope this helps more!
good luck!x

Posted: 04-05-11 21:32 by Kelly:)

Thanks so much :] Its helped much more. I'll look into that asap.

Posted: 06-05-11 10:28 by Paxo

you're welcome! hope you do well!

Posted: 06-05-11 16:00 by Kelly:)

If you go to Maddy's resources (number one in the top rated members) she has a really good powerpoint with everything in C3 on it. Good luck! 

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Posted: 11-05-11 12:17 by Georgia

Thanks a lot guys. I'll check them out :]

Posted: 16-05-11 11:20 by Paxo

I got a pretty groovy book from CGP, 1 for physics 1 for chemistry which covers 1,2 and 3 and is a decent price and usually arrives next day! Good luck but seriously? How hard is C3 compared to B3?

Posted: 16-05-11 16:25 by Cat Scott

i have the CPG books and they are decent for physics and biology but for chemistry it's awful! so i made my own posters they're not in that much detail they are just key points on everything and i have uploaded them on my resources so you can look at them if you want or if you have a specific questions just ask me

Posted: 24-05-11 16:48 by Lauren Jade Tutchener

@Cat Scott, well, idk. B3 is quite hard, but C3 is really just knowing the facts. So it depends on which is your expertise? Someone like me is more suited to C3, but those who want to be imaginative and genuinely have an interest in science will probably find B3 easier. Who knows? ;D

+ @Lauren, cheers. I'd like to get a book, but its kinda a bit too late now ;/ since my exams in a couple of days. I was just thinking of doing some ******** last minute revision, but I cant seem to focus </3 So.. yeah, idk if that answers your post or what haha.

Posted: 24-05-11 23:01 by Paxo