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I'm currently going into year 11 so if anyone has any advice or resources to help people to achieve and A*- A grade please reply

Also i plan on making a wall hanging inspired by Japan

thankyou **

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Posted: 29-08-12 13:56 by genius55

I do GCSE textiles and i'm in year 11. I'd recommend buying the AQA Textiles revision guide, it's pretty helpful. GCSE Bitesize is useful as you have to learn the names of different components. To get an A/A*, you have to make sure you know the names of things, and are successfully able to explain things. Good luck & I hope you get the best grade you can:)

Posted: 01-01-13 18:22 by Ella

Thankyouu and Good luck to you too :)

Posted: 16-01-13 17:04 by genius55

i also have the cgp aqa textiles textbook and i find this really useful. they have revision questions at the end of each topic which is good, they have a section on your project so i really recommend this book

Posted: 24-02-13 15:39 by Jamie

thank you :)

Posted: 07-03-13 17:11 by genius55

I do OCR but the exams are similar and yes i think revision guides are really helpful most the time they make everything seem so much easier. When aiming for an A or higher it is important that you pay attention to the small details in order to gain more marks!!!!!!! Good luck with the wall hanging it sounds really cool!

Posted: 08-03-13 10:12 by Darlene