G543 - OCR Psychology exam help!!

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i have some of the A2 syllabus ppts up. if you want me to i can write up a guideline on how to answer question in G543.

but here's a basic guideline:

10 marker

  1. whats the question asking? say it is asking about Health Belief Models then name the 3 models
  2. then go on to talk about the study itself (usually asks to describe one piece of research - make sure you talk about results!!!). if its asking in general such as 'describe the models in to health belief' then talk about the models such as the different components to HBM/Locus of Control/Self-Efficacy

15 marker

  1. intro to talk about the key word (e.g. effectiveness [what is it?])
  2. 3 PERCy paragraphs demonstrating strengths and weeaknesses or evaluative points
    P=point ... E=explanation ... R=research ... C=critique [follow this structure to have a coordinated structure]
  3. finally end with a conclusion summarising your views etc ...


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What would the critique section involve? I really need to get an A!

Posted: 29-05-13 18:15 by Sian Pretorius