Further Maths IGCSE

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I'm doing the further maths IGCSE at the moment and am finding some parts more difficult than others. I know I am capable of doing the IGCSE because I got an A* in GCSE maths and the IGCSE was only offered to people who got As and A* in the original GCSE.

I just wanted to know if anyone else was doing it and how long that had been studying it for, as I have only been studying for around two months and my two exams in it are at the end of this month!

I'd be interested to hear how everyone else was finding it and how long they'd had to do it. Also any tips would be welcome and just ask if you can think I can do the same for you at all :) Thanks

Posted: 10-05-12 22:06 by Isobel

I'm not doing further maths (phew!) but my brother's doing it and he said it's really hard. 

Posted: 11-05-12 22:35 by LP-FTW

It is! Do you know how long he's been doing it for?

Posted: 13-05-12 12:10 by Isobel

9 months i think. It's his first year in sixth form. He's going to change his a-levels. 

Posted: 13-05-12 12:22 by LP-FTW

Oh, cool. So he's doing it alongside A levels? I'm doing it in my final GCSE year, now. What A levels is he changing? If you don't mind me asking.

Posted: 14-05-12 17:17 by Isobel

Umm...He's changing all of them. Yep ALL OF THEM!! our dad picked it for him because he wants my brother to be an accountant. My brother wants to be a chef but he can barley cook! :p he's going to do btec culinary or something like that. he had computing, further maths, maths and something else which i don't remember. 

Posted: 14-05-12 17:45 by LP-FTW

Wow, they're some tough A levels if they're not what you want to be taking! Well it's good that he's getting a chance to do what he wants now, anyway :) And if he's passionate enough about it he'll become good, even if you don't think he's good at cooking now, haha. I'm taking next year, chemistry, physics, maths and English language. But I'm thinking of dropping English and picking up further maths in my second year so I will have an AS in both of them :) Tell your brother good luck from me!

Posted: 15-05-12 08:17 by Isobel

thanx! I'm not going to do those a-levels. i'm hoping to do maths, physics, chemistry and biology. I want to become a doctor or a surgeon! 

Posted: 15-05-12 17:08 by LP-FTW