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I wanted to ask...
can any body tell me if further maths is hard
Im already doing maths physics and chemistry
and with the way im going now i really find that im doing quite well

and how hard is it compare to core maths? 

would it be a good idea to take further maths?

Posted: 28-01-11 20:04 by Devante

It depends and how good you are at Maths. I'm doing further maths and basically the Further Pure stuff is just an extension of the Core work, but some of the concepts take a bit of time to get your head round. You also have to do all the extra statistics and mechanics work so it's not something to do if you don't like maths and don't want to have maths every day.

Posted: 04-02-11 18:41 by Josie

Well said, you need to be good enough at the minor one so that you can do the major one(further maths)... As am doing it, i find it quite easy but quite puzzling when it includes Statistics.... Mechanics is quite easy if you are able to handle your physics well... 

Posted: 09-02-11 00:11 by kishnee

thank you for youre responses
im doing well in maths and C1 I was not doing good at the begginning of the year but now i've stepped up
and im handling my maths and physics very well and i do chemistry as well, and find it easy enough.
Do you think it will be possible to teach further maths to myself as they dont do it in my school and the year has started? 

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Posted: 09-02-11 20:11 by Devante

Well that's good... but I think it'd be really hard to teach it yourself because there are some really hard concepts like the square root of -1 which would be quite difficult to understand without a teacher there to explain it to you. Personally, I'd say stick with the normal maths, the physics and the chemistry because it'd be a lot better to get good grades in those then have a lot of hassle of doing further maths on the side and organising sitting the exams. I'd say there's too much stuff to be able to do it in only a few months.

Posted: 10-02-11 18:38 by Josie


Posted: 10-02-11 19:44 by Devante

Further maths is nigh on essential if you want to do maths/engineering at college or uni. requirements are a good understanding of stats, mechanics and core maths, core being the most important as you can just rope learn answers to stats and mechanics. And if you don't like one, you can always opt not to do the final module in either. If you like maths, I'd recommend it at least for an additional AS. It helps soooo much at uni

Posted: 14-04-11 23:50 by tom walters

tom watlers thanks 
much appreciated friend

Posted: 23-04-11 08:50 by Devante