Fundraising Ideas?

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My school has given 12 students the chance to go to Cambodia for two weeks in April 2014, with three teachers. We’ve been told that we must raise around £1500 each in one year (probably by December). Each student has to fundraise individually BUT IT MUST NOT INVOLVE THE SCHOOL AT ALL. That means we can’t hold raffles, bake sales or anything else if it involves students from our school donating money. I go to a boxing club that do some volunteer work around my town, so I could get them to help me do some bag packs at ASDA or Sainsbury’s or something :)

But has anyone got any other ideas about how I can fundraise £1500 in one year without involving my school, students who go there or their parents??

Posted Thu 24th January, 2013 @ 21:30 by Sarina Patel

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I actually volunteer for teenage cancer trust so I have some ideas:

*bucket collecting (either write a letter to a shop to do it outside or write a letter to the local council)

*boot sale (old games, toys etc. that are still in tact)

*Depending on where you live there are marathons (if you are sporty), e.g. London marathon or the North run?

Couple of questions that might stimulate ideas:

are you a dare devil? (I've heard of bungee jumping, coal walking etc.)

are you artistic? (you could sell little arts and crafts) 

That's all I have but if you discover something interesting would you message me it, I am always up for charity ideas.

Answered Thu 24th January, 2013 @ 22:04 by Bethany Cunningham