Fund raising ideas please

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I'm going to Ghana (Africa) in october  to help the children and build wells etc as part of my duke of edinburgh award and have to raise £1500. there is abot 15 people doing it but we all have to raise £1500 per person.

any ideas?

vote up is you like raising money for charities. :)

Posted: 27-02-12 11:15 by Former Member

That is so amazing!!! :D

You should try cake sales in your school ((people always do them in my school :D)), you should do a little fun run within your school ((ask people, epecially the teachers, to run round the school in silly costumes and ask the kids to sponsor them)), you could do that thing where people throw wet sponges at teachers ((hahahhaha)) and you could ask the headteacher if you could have a non-uniform day where everyone pays a pound and then kindly ask to use the money :)

and you could always randomly go up to people and ask them for money :D

you could make little braclets and sell them around school or in town....

basically, just be creative cos then you're morre likely to get attention and MONEY :D LOL


Hope this helped!! :D

Posted: 27-02-12 11:34 by Fyzah :p

Brilliant ideas!!! fancy sponsoring me?? jokes. bit dodgy via the internet. lol

anything else?

Posted: 27-02-12 11:54 by Former Member

I really would sponsor you... but i don't trust the internet :/ Sorry :'(

you could sell t-shirts, but that might cost you more money than you actually make :/

Posted: 27-02-12 11:57 by Fyzah :p

okay, i'll think about it :)

no problem. It's funny that we're having a random disscussion via loads of discussion pages :)

Posted: 27-02-12 11:59 by Former Member

LOL!!!! I was just thinking that.... 3 conversations :D

This must be the 8th wonder of the world :P


Posted: 27-02-12 12:05 by Fyzah :p

Ha i emaild you back (how childish is this??)

Posted: 27-02-12 12:11 by Former Member

lol xD This is so amazing!!!

OMG!!! helped us to become friends ((well, cyber friends :P)))

Posted: 27-02-12 12:12 by Fyzah :p

Yeah (akward laugh) go get revising - now make a app please!

Posted: 27-02-12 12:18 by Former Member

LoL!! I would totally download the app (((But it better be free! I ain't paying :p LOL )))

Posted: 27-02-12 12:21 by Fyzah :p

Nah, me neither. Free-bies all the way!

Posted: 27-02-12 12:25 by Former Member

lol!!! I download the most random apps cos they're free

go compass app and torch app ((i might need you one day, but not today :P)))

LOL.. i got this piano app.... it was ****, don't bother with it :P

Posted: 27-02-12 12:30 by Fyzah :p

Ok, i play piano - ish. Im rubbish

Posted: 27-02-12 12:34 by Former Member

LOL xD I can't... i'm **** at everything :/

I could paly 'mary had a little lamb' on the keyboard for 1 hour... but that was it :p


Posted: 27-02-12 12:36 by Fyzah :p