French speaking tomorrow??!!?? With unpredictable questions

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i have a speaking exam tomorrow i am very nervous and worried because i do not know it that well and i have been predicted an A* also we are being asked an unpredictable question that must include a conjugated verb but what if i cant think of an answer or i dont understand etc etc!!

its really stressing me out!!

any help would be appreciated because i know at this time of year you all have exams and for that i am sorry but HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Wed 20th June, 2012 @ 16:12 by Amber

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It's not really too difficult as for an unpredictable question they don't expect you to say much. All you do would say something like 'Oui, j'adore le foot.' if you were asked if you like football. Just so long it makes sense and is relevant, it's fine! I know they won't actually ask you this in the assessment but I'm just showing you just how short it can be! Of course, you have to make sure your prepared answers are enough for 4 minutes so you won't lose marks if your unpredictable one is so short!

Hope I helped! And good luck! :)

Answered Wed 20th June, 2012 @ 20:18 by furuba fan
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Hey.. Seriously, you don't need to stress, and feeling nervous is normal. I have completed all of my French Assessments and they are fine. :)
When listening to your teacher say the unpredicted question, listen out for TOPIC WORDS.
E.g ... If you're topic was holidays and you heard your teacher say the word "Journey" ("Voyage"), you know that your answer will either be about "How long your journey was" or "How it was in general."
I hope this isn't too long winded, and hope it helps you..
The best of Luck,, ;) x

Answered Wed 20th June, 2012 @ 20:17 by Mm. J/T xx