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ive gotta say getrevising is for revision............. oh um and for discussion

BUT not for fighting so on this page i hope whoever wants 2 forgive can do it now

anyone, even pll not on this website........... let it all out

 oops gotta run my muffin is cslling out for me

Posted: 17-03-12 12:48 by aliimz

Im sorry, mum, for never doing the ironing... lol only joking

btw, ow can people not on this wesite post?


Posted: 18-03-12 15:22 by Leah

i dont know

lol if they cud then what the point of registering in da 1st place

Posted: 18-03-12 15:35 by aliimz

no idea :)

Posted: 18-03-12 16:28 by Leah

I wanna apologize to the down voter for calling him/her a loser.... still don't know who they are!!!


Posted: 19-03-12 12:22 by Fyzah :p