For the exam on Television Crime Drama, can anyone give me help on what theory to revise for it, and some good sources to revise from

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I am taking my media exam on Television Crime Drama on the 14th of June this year, and am wandering what theory to learn for it as I am genuinely baffled as what to revise.


Posted Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 15:30 by Char Lee

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Basically, what you need to do is this : Question one - will be a question on codes and conventions, so make sure you know everything (like the history, representation etc.) Question two - will be about your own idea so make sure you know every single detail about the TV crime drama you will produce (the pitch, in detailed character profile - and todorov's theory etc) Question three - will probably test your knowledge on either promotion or how to make your show a success, so ensure you know that. Question four - will be a drawing question - either a website, dvd cover, magazine article/ add, story board, you don't have to be a brilliant drawer but make sure you annotate and convey your ideas properly. 

If you revise properly on the above, you should be fine and be able to adapt to any question the exam will throw at you. If you've not yet done anything it maybe difficult to do all that in 2 days, but not impossible - GOOD LUCK! hope this helps:).

Answered Tue 12th June, 2012 @ 07:23 by Prit:)