For sixth form choices I intend to pick maths, physics, chemistry and biology. Am I mad/are these options going to be too hard work?

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Are these going to be too hard work for me?

Posted: 05-05-13 15:17 by Ethan

I am not entirely sure because i am only at GCSE but my i talked to my cousin and teachers about A-Levels and they said that the sciences and maths and english are quite difficult subjects. My cousin told me to pick 3 subjects like this (quite difficult ones) and then one which i thought would be fun and less hard work.

But then again maths and physics go togther well because there is loads of maths in phsics. And also Biology and chemistry go well together.

But if you are hard working and you want to acheive and you will kepp you head down, then they shouldn't be too much work for you.

Posted: 07-05-13 17:47 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

From my experience at A levels I'd say only do that if you are an A-A* candidate in all these subjects at GCSE, even then the work load will be huge and tough but if you think you can do it the go for it.

Personally I'd only pick two of them and two slightly easier A levels.

Posted: 09-05-13 07:03 by Tom

there is no such thing as an easy A level. Really it depends on what sort of person you are and weather you mind doing all science/maths based subjects. As for the workload, if you're good at them and you work hard in lessons there isn't huge amounts of work. For these subjects it'll be a constant stream of work- sheets, questions ect, much like GCSE homework. For arts/humanities you tend to get longer, more essay based homework as well as research so they can be more time consuming. I currently do Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and History. I really enjoy all my subjects and although it can be nice to have a break from sciences with history the most important thing is that you choose subjects you're good at and you enjoy. Supposedly 'easy' subjects will not be at all easy if you don't enjoy them as you'll have no motivation to work. Hope this helps and good luck :) x

Posted: 21-05-13 17:18 by sammy