for medusa, has anybody got any good points i can use for annotation? thanks a lot :)

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i also need some points about Brendom Gallacher, a portrait of a deaf man and my last duchess ans our teachers never covered them in school! thanks **

Posted Sun 13th May, 2012 @ 11:41 by Kaya

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Omg just wrote a really long answer then cancelled by accident :(( ill try and recreate most of the points


- the way she looks at the animals keep changing , shes toying with her power

- the last line has a double meaning: look to see what she's become or look at her so she can turn him into stone with her power

- duffy uses the power of 3s for empahsis - greek god, perfect man etc, greek god here is ironic cos medusa is greek mythology

This resource is great :


- their familys are opposites : her dad is in the governemnt, his is a burglar showing her need for excitement

- the fact she has a imaginery friend shows shes lonely

- the pathetic follocy (weather shows mood) where it is raining the day brendan 'dies'

- the vivid description of him in the final stanza shows how strong imaginations is


- tight rhythm and rhyme showing as john b  cannot control death he is controlling his poem

- uses of senses for imagery : i.e smell such as the soil, sight such as his bald head showing him in a humorous nature 

- the way he accuses God in the lasts stanza shows how his dads death has made him question his own faith - rhyme of pray and decay emphasises this idea

MY LAST DUCHESS - has all the points :D

hope i helped! answering this has helped me revise too! 

Answered Sun 13th May, 2012 @ 18:44 by Lamise Hassan