food technology coursework

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Hi, does anyone know how many marks i need to get an A* in food technology. The exam board is AQA and the marks are out of 90. Also does anyone know what the marks for the exams are out of?

Posted: 30-04-11 22:08 by sophia

Hi the marks for the exam is out of 120. I'm not sure about the coursework.

Posted: 07-05-11 16:02 by FiFi

you need at least 85 i think to get an A* :)

Posted: 12-05-11 18:28 by Zara

well an A* is always 90% so i think you need to get 81/90 cause 81/90 x 100 = 90%. But it might be different so i dont know. Good luck with your exams!

Posted: 12-05-11 19:15 by Sara

88-89 is a A* ... My teacher said it is not possible to get a A* in the coursework. I got 73... 3 marks of a A!

Posted: 15-05-11 20:57 by Rosie

This year i got an a* in my coursework, it 81/90 for that :)

Posted: 23-05-11 16:55 by fi <3

I got an A* too. Not sure what mark though! Good luck in all your exams too!

Posted: 24-05-11 15:10 by FiFi

you will need at least 90%

Posted: 12-06-11 15:45 by Joe

I got an A* as well, at my school we needed 108 to get an A* and I got 118 out of 120 so I got a really high A*! if I had a picture of myself making my product I could have got full marks. 

Posted: 01-04-12 13:36 by angelina