Food Technology AQA

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Im really confused...i have all these notes n pages of information and i dont know where to start from and how to revise off them...any help??? :@

Posted: 16-04-11 19:36 by Andleeb

do you have a text book? it may be best to go off the order of that x

Posted: 30-04-11 18:07 by Lydia

i find it helpful to put notes onto little cards, in note form and read of them..  i dont like reading pages of pages of writing (its BORING!!).. i just did a few exams and i hated ready from pages and it didnt help me for the exams.. i find it so much easier to revise little chunks at a time so i put the information on cards..

Another tip i got from teachers was dont revise one topic for too long.. you normally lose concentration after 20 minutes to 25 minutes because your brain switches off.. best way is to to do 20 - 25 minutes of one topic then 20 -25 minutes another topic and then go back.. also revision timetable helps me too :)

hope that helps.. it works for me and i recommend it to be honest.. :) good luck though! :)

Posted: 14-05-11 18:52 by Lauren