Food techMock exam 2mrw!

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i have a mock 2mrw and im quite nervous becuz its going to prove what teir i will do in the actual exam!

my target grade is a B! =p

Posted: 07-12-09 19:17 by Habba Da Silva

;( >:( >:(

I GOT A D!!!!!!!!

Posted: 15-01-10 20:27 by Habba Da Silva

OH DEAR! Did you actually do any revision though???

Posted: 18-04-11 14:14 by FiFi

was it that hard? what was it about??

Posted: 06-12-11 17:27 by Lisa

I got a B twice on my two Mocks and a real exam , but i have retaken the exam again to achieve an A or higher . I would recommend doing revision or going back and asking the teacher on what you should do . :) Also keep doing coursework and get that filled in and done if you are required to do it , because its an easy way to gain marks as i am on th A / A * borderline from just my coursework :D .

Posted: 13-12-11 21:12 by Jack