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i need help.. but most of u wont really be able to help much :(

1. has anyone had any turkish food before..if yes can u give me a list of names of food

2. wether u had baklava or not.. any possible ideas on how to improve baklava

3. i need a list of turkish breads.. and how u can modify the recipes..

if u could help me in anyways that would be great.. if not.. no worries.. thank u !! ***

Posted: 24-08-12 22:00 by ? Secret - Team GR

haha i just came back from turkey!!

1- yes i have, umm kebap, chicken sheesh, iskander, borek

2- Yes i have! Umm its slightly too sweet so maybe less sugar syrup? Also its not suitable for those allergic to nuts so maybe a nut free or nut alternative version?

Dont know the breads though sorry :/ hope i helped though!

Posted: 25-08-12 00:24 by Lamise Hassan

aww u dont know how grateful i am.. uve just helped me loaaads .. thank uu soo much ** !

Posted: 25-08-12 11:57 by ? Secret - Team GR