FML, Olivier and Charlotte Wilding look at my profile

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lol xD i know.... i seriously think that all librarians are really trols that are planning to take over the world 0_o ((conspiracy alert!!))

But no-one believes me :P

Posted: 28-03-12 09:39 by Fyzah :p

LOOL i know right

haha dw i believe u ;)

Posted: 28-03-12 17:30 by M


my mummy wants to be a librarian! :P

Posted: 28-03-12 18:11 by Rayanne :)

does she like books???

Posted: 28-03-12 21:01 by aliimz

yesyes :) books are ace <3

Posted: 29-03-12 14:19 by Rayanne :)

tell me a gud bk

Posted: 29-03-12 16:59 by aliimz

perks of being a wallflower

catcher in the rye



go ask alice

annies baby

jays journal

of mice and men

... i can go on :P

Posted: 29-03-12 18:19 by Rayanne :)

i don't like reading books :3

I actually cant remember the last time i read one ...

I know, i'm a disgrace to this website -_- * hangs head in shame *

Posted: 17-04-12 11:49 by Fyzah :p

i luv mice and men and ispector calls............

Posted: 17-04-12 11:54 by aliimz

OMG!!! i've actually read both of them ((in school :P))

of mice and men is okay but i think an inspector calls is great.... i was think about it last night.... how weird is that o_0

Posted: 17-04-12 12:16 by Fyzah :p

oooooooooh i guess ur being haunted by inspector goole

Posted: 17-04-12 12:18 by aliimz

Totally -_-

Sleepless nights and all that :P

Posted: 17-04-12 12:25 by Fyzah :p