FML, Olivier and Charlotte Wilding look at my profile

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Fyzah i wasnt copying u i swear

well my anime friend and brummie mates u r now mentioned on my profile be glad

my mums gave me Ben and jerry's cookie dough

yummmmmm oops sorry im startin 2 drool cant take it

mmmmmmmm ;P

Posted: 22-03-12 22:10 by aliimz


You deserve a gold medal :D

Posted: 23-03-12 10:58 by Fyzah :p

thnz u come second placeheres ur silver medal

Posted: 23-03-12 16:26 by aliimz

ur profiles wicked aliimz...yours and fyzahs profiles r the best!!!

Posted: 23-03-12 17:13 by M


thank u 4 da praise (crying)

Posted: 23-03-12 17:43 by aliimz

* wipes tear off * there there aliimz :P

Posted: 23-03-12 20:59 by M

im trying its just 2 much 4 me 2 handle

(blow my nose)

Posted: 23-03-12 21:17 by aliimz

lmao i think you need a towel

Posted: 24-03-12 12:57 by M

breath Alima

Posted: 24-03-12 13:23 by aliimz


Posted: 25-03-12 12:01 by M

thats my real name agent M

care 2 tell us urs

Posted: 25-03-12 12:58 by aliimz

yeah i thort so altho alimz isnt exactly a "nickname" its only one letter off :P hahaa

nope ;)

Posted: 25-03-12 20:40 by M

3 letters of babe

Posted: 25-03-12 20:55 by aliimz

2 letters off....the i and z are not in there...the rest totally are

hey aliimz...shudda gone to specsavers ;)

Posted: 25-03-12 20:57 by M


 sorry couldnt afford it

Posted: 25-03-12 20:58 by aliimz

lmaooo...heres a donation * throws pennies at the screen*

Posted: 25-03-12 20:59 by M

im  not charity babe


Posted: 25-03-12 21:55 by aliimz

lmao okay * throws 50p at the screen *

Posted: 25-03-12 21:58 by M

who do u thnk gave dat 50p 2 u

(grabs 50p )

Posted: 25-03-12 22:01 by aliimz

lmaooo my mum gave it me ;)

Posted: 25-03-12 22:03 by M

yeah and i had 2 work 4 it so its MINE

Posted: 25-03-12 22:05 by aliimz

lol... you lot just made me loaugh out really loud infront of people i dont know.... had to cover it up with a discret cough... ((dont think they noticed :P)))


Posted: 26-03-12 11:41 by Fyzah :p

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says the library teacher

Posted: 26-03-12 18:03 by aliimz

LOOL i feel like throwin a potato at my librarian...she always goes "sssshhhhh" n its like "WHY DONT YOU SHHHHHHHHHHHH" shes such an idiot i sweardown

she got nuttin better to do THATS Y!

Posted: 26-03-12 18:40 by M


tell that 2 my librarian

1 timme she had 2 mmake a presentation and kept on saying "what about adding that thingy... um u know that design" until i said "animation" and she was like "yeah" and i put it on and she wanted the background

so much 4 thingy bob

Posted: 26-03-12 18:44 by aliimz