flow / batch/job production

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csan someone easdily define what is flow / batch/job production  and give advantages and disadvantages for those


Posted: 02-03-11 19:18 by Thanu

flow - is continous production advantage- produce lots more and lower unit costs disadvantage - not everyone can use flow produtcio and it can be very capital intensive

batch - making the product in group e.g. make a top of size 12 then make size 14 tops. Advantage - quick, easy and cheaper than doing it one by one Disadvantage- if one goes wrong they all go wrong in that batch

job - one off product personal to that customer advantage - personalisation and made to order disadvantage - expensive

good luck.

Posted: 11-03-11 12:13 by abbie crosby

can some tell me the disadvantages and the advantages of inorganic growth and organic growth and then tell me what they stand for and then explain what product life cycle is and how does it work?

Posted: 07-04-11 19:33 by Noah

Organic growth: growth by selling more products within the business

  • You can benefit from economies of scale because you have increased output so you can have bulk buying and financial, technical and managerial economies of scale.
  • Stakeholders may cause conflict: Employees may feel not respected as individuals or poorly informed of decisions, suppliers may complain if you try to negotiate discounts etc.
  • You risk experiencing dis-economies of scale i.e. slow decision making, poor communication and coordination, lack of motivation because employees don't feel like their opinions are appreciated.

Inorganic Growth: growth by joining with/taking over another business

  • Horizontal mergers mean more of the same output so resulting in economies of scale
  • Vertical mergers mean you gain control of suppliers or distributors, improving quality and coordination
  • Conglomerate mergers means that you can spread your risks across many markets, so losses in one market can be offset by gains in another.
  • However, joining with new businesses can cause culture clashes and result in disputes.
  • Horizontal mergers can cause diseconomies of scale, as above.
  • Vertical mergers can be problematic if you're not specialised in that area

Product life cycle: the graph to show how the sales of a product change over time

It includes different stages: development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Different extension strategies can be brought in to prevent a product entering into the decline stage and to stop the sales decreasing.

Posted: 11-04-11 11:17 by Rebecca

Flow- It is continues for ever, never ends unless told to. Lots of machines

Job- One at a time take it slow. Big money lots of skill

Batch- You make many bits if the same thing then make other bits and build those bits on the others. Think of it like a bit job a bit flow but don't get confused

Posted: 19-10-11 20:07 by Unknown