finding it difficult to apply my knowledge to past papers :s

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hi there guys, i was wondering if you could help me out

I am finding it very difficult to actually apply all the knowledge that I have to the questions on past papers.

I am doing B3 AND B2 AQA modules and i have done them before and gotten B's in both of them. I am meant to be getting a*'s see you can see my worry.

I don't find the content hard at all but when I am doing past papers, my answers always have the jist of the knowledge but never have the key words of the question so it is very frustrating! How do i answer so that I can hit the key words in the mark scheme?

Please help me, its very annoying that I understand all the content yet I am getting these grades.

Thank you for anyone that helps(: 

Posted: 21-04-12 13:10 by Anfal A

it would be nice if someone helped haha

Posted: 22-04-12 12:36 by Anfal A