Final Performances?

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My group have created a piece about identical twins who fight together in WWI and one is sentenced to death for cowardice but the other takes his place! I play the crazy pregnant wife of the twin who doesn't die and various majors/generals etc (:

It's going quite well I'm just worried we're running out of time to make it a bit more polished D:

Posted: 17-03-12 12:40 by Cecilia Bawden

hey my group are devising our own play based on the Magdalene sisters I am the nun who abuses the girls however we have flashbacks into my past to find out what triggered it all is sooo cool!!  

Posted: 01-04-12 20:31 by Molly Bater

I did the witch scenes from Macbeth, i was first witch, (there were four of us the three witches and Hecate) we did it in the round and we made it into a physical theatre piece

SOO fun to do, we had been ready for ages- it didnt feel like work really :)

Posted: 02-04-12 20:10 by Molly

we did ours on the 26th of april it went quite well but it could have been improved.  you will all do fine :) our examiner was really nice!

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Posted: 17-05-12 12:14 by sian