Final Performances?

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Hey :)

Was just wondering what people are doing for thier final performances, what part you are playing etc...?

Just to be nosey and all :) x

Posted: 11-04-11 21:10 by Libby Norman

My group is doing Act 1, Mother Figure, from Alan Aykbourne's Confusions. I play Lucy.

Posted: 18-04-11 13:09 by Alicia White

My Group has created a drama about a woman who sets out to find her biological mother. i play a camp australian receptionist xD and the biological mother :) x

Hope yours goes well!! x

Posted: 18-04-11 13:33 by Emma

I have already done mine. I was in a group of 4 and we did 'Be My Baby' by Amanda Whittington. I played Mrs Adams. Really good fun but a serious play! Loved it! :)

Posted: 18-04-11 14:07 by FiFi

Our school has also already done ours :)

My group did different parts of 'Keeping Tom nice'. I played the mother - Winnie :D

It was a good day, and don't be scared everyone!! It was absolutely fine, it didn't even feel like an examiner was there!! The most funny part was when I shouted becuase I never practiced it like that and I scared myself!! lol x

Posted: 18-04-11 14:10 by Emma

When we were doing ours, the building work outside just started and no one could hear us!!! What didi you get in yours???

Posted: 18-04-11 14:13 by FiFi

You don't find out your grade till results day! :(

Posted: 18-04-11 14:19 by Emma

No but we found out what mark we got because it had got moderatated by an external examiner. maybe you don't! sorry!

Posted: 18-04-11 14:22 by FiFi

Lucky you!! yeah I really wanna know!! :/ lol

Posted: 18-04-11 14:38 by Emma

we're doing the play humpty dumpty

Posted: 18-04-11 18:52 by Sabrina

ah nice they all sound well good :) i am doing mine on the 10tgh of May so not ong now :S We are doing Blood Brothers and i am playing Mrs Johnston: scouse accent at the ready :P

scary stuff... good luck to everyone waiting for results and stuff :) ***

Posted: 20-04-11 14:21 by Libby Norman

Good luck Libby :)

You'll be fine, it's not as scary as it seems!!

Posted: 20-04-11 14:54 by Emma

Tbh, i wish we had been allowed to do Blood Brothers. It issooooo good. I have seen it like 10 times and still cry at the end!!! Good Luck...i'm sure you will be FAB!!!

Posted: 20-04-11 15:40 by FiFi

ah cheers emma, i will need it! you always need a LOT of luck with drama :S

and fiona...i went up to see it in the west end last month - it. is. AMAZING! i jumped/cryed so badly, at the end even though i knew what was coming!! thanks :)


Posted: 22-04-11 21:55 by Libby Norman

I did Mother Figure too and i played Lucy

Posted: 23-04-11 17:48 by Pui Pui

I'm doing a child soldiers piece which is really serious..
and really scary. About the Khmer Rouge and torture.
we only have one week left untill the dress rehearsal and we're so far behind!
I hope everybodys elses has gone/will go well.
good luck! :) xxxx

Posted: 28-04-11 22:42 by Kate

i just had mine yesterday and goood luck kate  :d, my group didnt know their lines never turned up to reherals couple days before though they started working hard and exam went pretty well so i'm sure it iwll be fine  ***

Posted: 29-04-11 18:06 by Sabrina

I did blood brothers, i played edward! we got our marks back like a month later :D

Posted: 01-05-11 18:57 by Ciara

yeah good luck everyone :D

haha sabrina that sounds pretty familliar :P ours went pretty well though and i was really pleased in the end, i didnt even fluff up the song at the beginning :O

And Ciara my bezzie played edward, hes such a cool character :) how comes you got your results back so quickly?!

Posted: 14-05-11 11:03 by Libby Norman

Got mine this friday and we've only just finished the script! 

We've got tonnes of rehearsals we should be doing but all these other exams are getting in the way :(

Posted: 15-05-11 16:24 by Ella

hi, for my drama gcse i have as a group created a self devised performance piece and used a scene from a play written by willy russel 

Posted: 15-05-11 17:01 by Emily

My group were really lazy, I had to script it all and come up with the storyline! There was one of my members who hardly turned up to the lesson and never turned up to rehearsal, on the day of our performance (10th May), he forgot his lines and I was stood there froze for about 15 seconds waiting for his line and he didn't say it, so I carried on and it looked soooo stupid. :(

Posted: 16-05-11 11:42 by Charlotte Pagett

i dont know why we got our result back so quickly, the cheif examiner came to mark the teachers marking and she said she agreed with it all so we were aloud our results back! I got full marks, so happy!

Posted: 18-05-11 19:29 by Ciara

I have my exam this month, we are doing Legal Weapon ll and i play Jazz and Cathy :) good luck everyone!! :D

Posted: 17-11-11 20:57 by katie

im doing 'shakers' by john godber

its a comedy and so much fun:)

liverp-ewl we are from:'D

Posted: 03-03-12 19:09 by Becca