Features on GR that could be improved

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You can't scroll back very far on comments - this is annoying how you can't see what everyone is talking about in order to put your own inputs in

Recommended Resources
A good idea but
How do you recommend resources? I understand not being able to add them for yourself, but you should be able to suggest for a moderator to check whether suitable to upload.
Some of the resources just aren't relevant. Why in the A-Level Subject Choices Study Group, i need to know about red blood cells in order to help me make my choices, i just don’t know

On the Forums it no longer lets you view all the different subjects, this is annoying in i can’t go back easily to answer questions for subjects i no longer study but have an A level in.

When trying to ask a question on a forum it doesn’t have the subjects and instead appears to have the study groups. I want to post something for my subject/ the general whole site boards not ‘GCSE is a poo’
If people want to post in a revision group there should be a separate method for doing so.

Some resources are just wrong, there should be an easy way to report these to get them dealt with instead of letting other users revise from incorrect information

I’m sure i’ll find something else later whilst using the site
I also have Premium membership, if anyone wants me to test/give opinion on a feature just say soJ

(Don’t think that i think GR is rubbish, i wouldn’t still be here is it was! There is as many if not more positives as there is negatives!)

Posted: 17-04-13 15:20 by Alex

I also meant to say, anyone agree/disagree?

Posted: 17-04-13 15:21 by Alex

Also if you want to make university level resources you can only make them for accounting, Ancient History, Anthropology and Arabic. Not helpful when doing a biology degree!

Posted: 17-04-13 15:22 by Alex

The White board is also a good idea, however abuse of this and drawing stupid pictures and writing 'BOREEDDD' is counter productive and makes helpful resources harder to acess, would be good if these type ones could be deleted

Posted: 17-04-13 15:25 by Alex