favourite place or event or memory of yours? and why? xD

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purely out of curiosity... xD

Posted: 21-05-12 18:59 by Namita

I realized.... I can remember EVERYTHING from my childhood, LITERALLY everything... but not the order :P I'm not sure what my favourite is... probably a game me and my sister were playing, where she was such a good singer she could sing a duet on her own! :O It always cracks me up :P

Posted: 21-05-12 19:06 by Neon

ha ha...now that really is talented :D

Posted: 21-05-12 19:09 by Namita

and she only had one mouth... truly remarkable :)

Posted: 21-05-12 19:13 by Neon

it really is...i swear...the stuff siblings come up with just to beat u at something! :)

Posted: 21-05-12 19:14 by Namita


Posted: 21-05-12 19:19 by Neon

!!! xD :P but u got to love them...they make life sooooo entertaining :p ;)

Posted: 21-05-12 19:21 by Namita

yeah :) so what's yours?

Posted: 21-05-12 19:22 by Neon

hmmmm...when my brother was like 1 or 2 yrs old...he had this rattle he used to play with...one day my mum left me incharge of him...and went to some other room to do something...my brothre put his rattle in his mouth...and it somehow gave him a cut...and his mouth was bleeding...i got sooo scared i screamed and cried and my mum came in...and it was just a small cut...but i realised how much i loved my little brother <3

this is the one i can remember...but there r loads...i couldnt possibly chose one :D

Posted: 21-05-12 19:26 by Namita

once mum and dad were upstairs and my little brother managed to get the lid off of a tin of wood stain... it turns out it works on people too... and carpets 0:)

Posted: 21-05-12 19:29 by Neon

oh...wow :)

Posted: 21-05-12 19:32 by Namita

XD fun tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeees :P

Posted: 21-05-12 19:34 by Neon

ha ah :D

Posted: 21-05-12 19:35 by Namita