F212 exam 3rd june 2013

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Okay, so is it just me, or is there way too much to remember in this unit? And typically whatever I remember never comes up!

Biological Molecules and Food and Health I know the backgrounds of, however when it comes to practise papers, I never know what to write! Am I just not reading in enough detail when revising, because the questions that come up can be ever so confusing and weirdly worded!

Biodiversity- totally screwed! We haven't even finished this module in school...

What I'm trying to say is does anyone have any advice on what to do when it comes to tackling the real thing in summer??

Posted: 15-04-13 10:59 by beccaa king

you got it easy im doing all 4 :D

Posted: 06-05-13 19:43 by chris

what i'd suggest is work through a paper- don't worry about timing- and see how much you can answer by yourself. Really try and disect the question to understand what it's asking you. the questions are designed to see how you can apply your knowlege to new situations but once you work out what they're asking you they're all pretty much the same. This is particularly true with the enzymes questions for example they'll give you an ezyme you've never heard of and ask you questions about what happens to it in different situations. just remember they all act the same. Once you've tried by yourself get another coloured pen and go through the paper with your text book so you know you have all the knowledge. When you've finished that check your answers with the markscheme. Then chose the three areas you need to revise most based on the paper. revise these really well- this avoids you trying to revise everything in one go. after you've revised try another paper and repeat this method. I hope this helps :) x 

Posted: 21-05-13 17:31 by sammy

Hopefully this paper will be a lot better than the F211.

Posted: 22-05-13 16:57 by Alice Deane

Hey, I have this exam too and I'm just doing all the past papers and then revising the topics which I keep getting stuck on. There is loads to learn but I'm just narrowing it down to specific topics. Good luck :) and hope this helps

Posted: 28-05-13 19:14 by Jess

Doing this exam on Monday!! can't believe it's come so soon! And I agree there is a lot to learn.

Posted: 01-06-13 10:13 by Alice Deane

How did you guys find this exam? I did it this morning too 

Posted: 03-06-13 17:44 by Former Member