Explore the ways Steinbeck presents the relationship between Slim and the other ranch workers in 'Of Mice and Men'

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Are there any points that I can write for this conrolled assessment? Or even a sample paragraph. How can I get a high grade? How would I start of and write it?


Posted Mon 25th March, 2013 @ 18:10 by Bess.L

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What do you think of this paragraph? How can I improve it?

Steinbeck presents Slim as someone who has authority at the ranch which he has earned overtime. When Carlson wants to kill Candy’s dog. Slim makes the final say ‘That dog ain’t no good to himself I wisht some-body’d shoot me is I got old an’ a cripple’. After Slim makes this statement, nobody argues which shows Slim’s authority based not on the silence and respect from the other ranch workers. This also shows that Slim comes to a verdict considering everyone as he knows that the dog will suffer if he was kept alive so he should be put out of his misery. This unselfish verdict is how Slim has gained respect over time as he seems to always make the right decisions. His decision moves the plot of the novel forward away from the dog. Steinbeck shows a contrast between the way Slim is being presented compared to normal. Even though Slim agrees to kill the dog for it’s own good reason and to prevent it from suffering. One the other hand, Carlson wants to shoot the dog just because is it smelly. He has not sympathy for the dog nor Candy whereas Slim does.

Answered Tue 2nd April, 2013 @ 19:45 by Bess.L
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Use the following format:

Introduction (write about how Steinbeck presents the relationships in a nutshell. Don't go into too much detail).

Structure of the text (this is probably less appropriate for a controlled assessment than it would be in an exam, but you could still use it if you want).

Language (Include quotes of how the ranch workers speak to each other. You could do more than one paragraph for this, as quite a lot can usually be said.)

Attitudes and emotions (How the ranch workers act around each other. You could take two specific relationships that are contrasting. This is good for comparison. For example, you could compare George and Lennie's relationship with Curley and Lennie's relationship, or something similar.)

Conclusion (End the essay with a paragraph on what you have discovered about the relationships between the ranch workers.)

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Thank you

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